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Dahiana’s Story 

I am the owner and founder of "The Sweetest Place." I offer customized decorated sugar cookies and curated treats. I also offer cookie decorating  and floral piping classes. If you would like to place an order or sign up for a class please fill out the contact form. 

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I have always loved baking for my family and friends, but I have never envisioned being a professional baker. It wasn't until I was planning my second daughter's first birthday, that I realized how much fun it was to create custom cookies and coordinating cupcakes, and other treats for her "Peter Rabbit" birthday party.


Very soon after my enjoyment became an obsession. I started helping others with their baked treats and eventually started selling them to other moms. Today, I have baked and decorated for many other moms who like me wanted a curated beautiful dessert/ treat table for their event. Let me help you today bring your vision to life!

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